A Game for Everyone

What is Tartan Touch?

Tartan Touch is Scottish Rugby’s Fun, Simple and Social version of non-contact rugby.

With only 8 simple rules It’s a great game for all abilities and all ages.

The Tartan Touch season begins in May at 30 hubs around Scotland.

Join in the fun and get fit at a hub near you this summer for £3.

How to play Tartan Touch

AIM: Touch the ball down over opponent’s goal line. To do this, keep possession by avoiding being touched.

Possession lost if:

Touched 6 times

Ball leaves the pitch

Ball passed forward, dropped forward, or kicked forward

Foul play by team in possession

When touched:

Offload within 2 steps or 2 seconds - No offside from the offload

Place ball on ground - Offside line created

Must be passed away by touched player or a team mate